Monday, November 17, 2008


~6 things about me~

1. I love to scrapbook!! Both boys have a few books each but here is the kicker! This past year with the new business and baby I haven't been able to keep up! I am probably about 6 mos behind or more in each of their books! I need to look myself up a few days and catch up!

2. It drives me crazy last minute planning. Well I guess more so now then it used too. I mean I tell Josh give me all your Christmas party dates for work so I don't book Pampered Chef shows on those days and do you think I have them yet!? NO!!

3. I used to be like OCD about a clean house. I mean I am still half that but wish I were more like I used to be. But I tell you with Genesis and my brother living here it is just so hectic and busy all the time!

4. When we were in Misawa I was so ready to come home! But now that we are back stateside I think about have big of a STUPID choice that was!

5. Even I go to bed at 9pm every night I am still extremely tired the next morning so why not stay up til midnight! LOL

6. Before Josh joined the military I didnt do as much cooking. It was mostly box and fast stuff! But now that I cook all the time giving me a box meal makes me sick to my stomach!

Well, pretty much everyone has done one of these recently, so I won't tag six people. Just two:


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can't wait

I told Josh once I had a good month with my shows I would get my brother to expand our back deck! Well it's here and its getting done this weekend!! YAY! Me and my brother went today to Lowe's to buy the wood since on Veteran's Day we could get an extra 10% off!

Jayce is too funny lately! Every since we went to MI he has a serious kick of Power Rangers! Thanks to Nate! Well he tells everyone everyday that he is having a Power Ranger party and to come! Hello its 4 months away! But with that being said I cant believe my baby will be 5 YEARS OLD!! It is so hard to believe!

I have to also tell everyone what my sweetheart did! I have been so stressed and warn out the past few weeks! It is hard taking in a baby and my brother that I wasn't actually prepared for! Last night he brought me a flower home and the sweetest card ever! It melts my heart that through everything my hubby never gets ill or tired with me!

We are going home this year for Thanksgiving! We will be there for at least 4 days! We have a big meal twice in one day! Yummy!

I wil end this blog here so I can watch the BIGGEST LOSER!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't have a title HAHA

So I had no idea what to label this but oh well here we go.

My week has been alright. I did have 2 show cancellations which I wasn't happy about but my show today is on its way to 1000.00 so that makes me HAPPY ;)!

On Friday we went to the Indian POW WOW with Jadon's preschool. It was pretty neat to watch. We let Jayce stay out of school to go.

My brother has been getting a little more painting done around the house and it is looking good. We are still hoping to have to deck out back expanded and roofed this month too! That is for my honey! Because we love grilling but it is not so fun when its raining! I am also buying him a smoker when I get paid that he has been eyeing for quite sometime! We love a good smoked turkey and ribs especially with the holidays rolling around the corner!

We went tonight to watch our neighbors boys play football and it was so much fun! Then afterwards they invited us for dinner. She made this onion soup with cheese in it that was to DIE for I'm telling you! And the Amish friendship bread was awesome which she gave me a starter for that I will be making! YUM-O! The kids all played, Josh and Mr. Warry (His name is Larry but that is what Jadon & Jayce call him lol) watched football, and me and Jenn just chatted and even managed overcooking a batch of cookies standing by the stove!

It is so nice to have good neighbors! One's you love and can trust!

Well it is getting late and we have church in the morning so I better run!