Monday, August 25, 2008

I guess.... Its Official!

So it is long overdue. I started to create the page last week and Jillian gave me a little shove to get it done. So here I am.

Man don't you guys here in Florida think we've gotten enough rain! I could be done with it for a while. Although I must say my water bill will be nice. We laid sod a few weeks back and it has loved it!

Josh's mom is suppose to be coming in tomorrow to spend a few days. I am excited about it and all but Josh will finally be coming home from Biloxi Wednesday for good and we will still have no alone time. But I can't be selfish, I guess, I'll just have to share.

For some that don't know we are planning on adopting. We really want a little girl to complete our family. As it stands my brothers wife (Katie's dad) is pregnant and due September 9th. They are having more problems then ever and I just don't see anything good coming out of it. My prayer is for this unborn child to be given a fair chance in the world and be raised in a good home. Which I know my boys would love to have a little sister! (more will come on this matter).

Jayce started school and this is his second week. He loves it! He's so funny too! A little girl cries everyday so when I pick my lil stinker up he fakes and says I just missed my mom and dad!! And never has my kid been this way but truly he was just making fun!

We also bought the boys some hamsters. One is Rolo and the other is Whopper. So we have completed our chocolate trend! HAHA We have Eclair and Reese Cup too for those of you who didn't know. But back to the hamsters. Rolo is very sick. I noticed about 2 weeks ago he had what they call wet tail disease. It is caused by stress and moving around and stuff. Well they wouldnt just let me buy meds for him and I am not taking him into the wet to pay 50.00 just for the consultant!! But he is still kicking and I hope for Jayce's sake he gets better.

Well Jillian I hope you are pleased with my first blog and there will be many more to follow.

God Bless!!