Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

My snowman cake (Green Velvet)
Jayce with all his gifts

Jadon with all his gifts

And their BIG gift

So we had a good day today! We are so thankful for the birth of our saviour first of all and for the Lord giving us another year!

Here are some pictures from today. We went to the Gore's house for lunch today and I made green bean wraps, dressing and a snowman cake. It was suppose to be red velvet but Walmart was out of Red Coloring so I made it Green Velvet. LOL

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday my neighbor Jenn and I were in the kitchen baking away. Deanna came over for a little while too and was so kind at washing all the dishes!

We had an awesome time though!

We made cinnamon gems, shortbread candy canes, rocky road fudge, oreo balls, buckeyes, rice krispies, and PB Chocolate Oat Bars.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Newest Addition

This is Tigger.

We got him on Saturday! The boys are absolutely in love with him. Eclair loves him too but Reese on the other hand is getting there.

Alot of you know I have never liked cats well.... My neighbor Jenn got two of the lil rascals as kittens and I have fell in love so now we have one.
We now have 2 dogs, a cat, a hamster and a fish tank. The fish tank is in the making! It will be all ready for some fish next week! Josh is so excited! This is his little project. Well I am going to end here and get some more cleaning done!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Here's some pics as promised

I made this cake for the Young Adults Christmas Party! I think it turned out quite well! Its made with graham crackers not cake mix!
The cutest little rocking Santa around!

Jayce's shirt (Genesis and Jadon's are so sweet too but we left them at the school to dry)

Their Pine Cone Trees

Can you tell they had a little to much fun!

Jadon decided to paint himself too!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's been a while I know...

Man oh man. You guys need to kick me in the back side and make me blog more. There is always so much to say but finding the time. What was that! I said TIME! HAHA

Anyways I am so excited for CHRISTmas! All the decor is out and the boys and I have been doing crafts at home! We made pine cone trees the other day and today we are making ornaments with flour and stuff!! I will post pics real soon I promise!

We have been real busy with the holidays around the corner! We have a party Saturday for the young adults at church and we are excited! We all go to the Copelands and play white elephant and its a blast! ;) I am making a new recipe out of the new Festive cookbook from Pampered Chef! I am excited about it!

We have decided we would go home to AL the weekend before. It will be a fast trip though. We have our Church Christmas Party next Friday then we'll go home Saturday morning to do Christmas with my family then Sunday we will be with Josh's mom!

Today at preschool the kids made the cutest shirts ever! For the head of the reindeer they used one foot and the ears they used their hands, then we painted them! I came home and made one for Jayce. We made Genesis one too and her shirt also says Silent Night... YEA right! LOL

I have been going through alot lately also! Pray for me please! It's kind of an unspoken!

We are trying to get Jadon POTTY TRAINED for the billionth time. He doesnt pee in his pants at all anymore. Just to get the poop down! ;)

Well I will close this here but I am sure I'll blog again tomorrow! The ornaments are ready to be painted! ;)

Monday, November 17, 2008


~6 things about me~

1. I love to scrapbook!! Both boys have a few books each but here is the kicker! This past year with the new business and baby I haven't been able to keep up! I am probably about 6 mos behind or more in each of their books! I need to look myself up a few days and catch up!

2. It drives me crazy last minute planning. Well I guess more so now then it used too. I mean I tell Josh give me all your Christmas party dates for work so I don't book Pampered Chef shows on those days and do you think I have them yet!? NO!!

3. I used to be like OCD about a clean house. I mean I am still half that but wish I were more like I used to be. But I tell you with Genesis and my brother living here it is just so hectic and busy all the time!

4. When we were in Misawa I was so ready to come home! But now that we are back stateside I think about have big of a STUPID choice that was!

5. Even I go to bed at 9pm every night I am still extremely tired the next morning so why not stay up til midnight! LOL

6. Before Josh joined the military I didnt do as much cooking. It was mostly box and fast stuff! But now that I cook all the time giving me a box meal makes me sick to my stomach!

Well, pretty much everyone has done one of these recently, so I won't tag six people. Just two:


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can't wait

I told Josh once I had a good month with my shows I would get my brother to expand our back deck! Well it's here and its getting done this weekend!! YAY! Me and my brother went today to Lowe's to buy the wood since on Veteran's Day we could get an extra 10% off!

Jayce is too funny lately! Every since we went to MI he has a serious kick of Power Rangers! Thanks to Nate! Well he tells everyone everyday that he is having a Power Ranger party and to come! Hello its 4 months away! But with that being said I cant believe my baby will be 5 YEARS OLD!! It is so hard to believe!

I have to also tell everyone what my sweetheart did! I have been so stressed and warn out the past few weeks! It is hard taking in a baby and my brother that I wasn't actually prepared for! Last night he brought me a flower home and the sweetest card ever! It melts my heart that through everything my hubby never gets ill or tired with me!

We are going home this year for Thanksgiving! We will be there for at least 4 days! We have a big meal twice in one day! Yummy!

I wil end this blog here so I can watch the BIGGEST LOSER!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Don't have a title HAHA

So I had no idea what to label this but oh well here we go.

My week has been alright. I did have 2 show cancellations which I wasn't happy about but my show today is on its way to 1000.00 so that makes me HAPPY ;)!

On Friday we went to the Indian POW WOW with Jadon's preschool. It was pretty neat to watch. We let Jayce stay out of school to go.

My brother has been getting a little more painting done around the house and it is looking good. We are still hoping to have to deck out back expanded and roofed this month too! That is for my honey! Because we love grilling but it is not so fun when its raining! I am also buying him a smoker when I get paid that he has been eyeing for quite sometime! We love a good smoked turkey and ribs especially with the holidays rolling around the corner!

We went tonight to watch our neighbors boys play football and it was so much fun! Then afterwards they invited us for dinner. She made this onion soup with cheese in it that was to DIE for I'm telling you! And the Amish friendship bread was awesome which she gave me a starter for that I will be making! YUM-O! The kids all played, Josh and Mr. Warry (His name is Larry but that is what Jadon & Jayce call him lol) watched football, and me and Jenn just chatted and even managed overcooking a batch of cookies standing by the stove!

It is so nice to have good neighbors! One's you love and can trust!

Well it is getting late and we have church in the morning so I better run!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The finished ARK with a little more updating

So the ark is finished! It is so cute! I will post more pics later with Jayce dressed as Noah and Jadon a little sheep. Genesis was going to be a monkey but she has visitation with her mom. ;(

I took dinner to Josh at work tonight. Well not just him then entire swing shift! I made chicken spaghetti, green bean wraps, garlic bread, strawberry cheesecake trifle and pecan tassies! There was not a lick left! They loved it all!

Then I made a lovely visit to the ER! We are going out of town tomorrow and I haven't been feeling 100% and found out I have a UTI! So just pray I get over it soon! I do have a pampered chef show in AL on Saturday night!

I'm excited about taking the boys to the Fall Festival tomorrow night! We will get to be with the Catledges that we meet in Japan and I just love the fellowship with them!

Well I am better get to cleaning and packing!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My last week to be half lazy

Ahhhh man!! HAHA!

I am sitting here getting all my host packets ready for my November shows! Oh and I booked another cooking show tonight for November!!! So now I am OFFICIALLY not booking anymore unless its a catalog show for November.

I have a total of 8 cooking shows, 1 booth, and 7 catalog shows for November. Geez... I never imagined my business would take off like this. Which all of this is great because it is a sell a thon month where I can earn our Spring products for free! WOOHOO!

I am excited for November 3. We are having a national sales meeting day and we find out what the January specials are going to be! I have been told they are the best specials for the entire year! Maybe I will get a booked calendar for that too!

Pampered Chef has really paid off alot for me! After November I will be getting a 2% raise! YAY!!

We even have an awesome recruiting special right now to start your business for less than $60!! How awesome is that!! I do have one consultant under me right now but I would love to have more! I am excited about what pampered chef has in store for our future!

It has really helped us alot especially with extra things! Like with my check next month I am buying all the materials needed to get the deck expanded outside and enclosed for my honey! ;)

Well I hope everyone is having a good start of the week and I'll be updating you throughout my month of November.

PS My sales goal for November is $5000!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My church friend Shauna has been going through a trial lately and desperately covets your prayers. She has been hospitilazied because her estrogen levels are way up. Please, please pray for the Lord's healing touch in her body and for peace in her soul.More details on Shauna are available on her blog....

Thank you everyone!

Please pray for me too. I am just having a hard time tonight and need the lord to hel pme through something right now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook 10/20/08

FOR TODAY (October 20, 2008)...
Outside My Window... Looks very peaceful
I am thinking... where oh where did my camera go!
I am thankful for... my family and friends
From the kitchen... I am making some enxhiladas for dinner tonight
I am wearing...a shirt and pants
I am creating... my boys scrapbooks that I am behind in
I am going... to get my brother from work in a bit
I am reading... my bible and recipe books
I am hoping... I find my camera today
I am hearing... birds chirping and Genesis cooing
Around the house... needs a little picking up
One of my favorite things... is sitting around with girlfriends and just having a good time
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: ummm... church... Getting my Partylite Stuff in and sorting it... going to Jenn's partylite party Saturday morning....Going to Josh's class reunion Saturday night in Alabama.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Jadon and Genesis with the fireman at Fire Safety week!

If you would like to participate in this go to

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Raedy for it to be over...

Once again I am home from church with a sick little one.

Jayce has been sick off and on for two weeks and Jadon some too.

Jayce brought home some kind of stomach virus from school that ran through everyone but me. I have sterilized this house to no end!

This morning Jayce woke up with a scratchy throat and a fever of 102!

Please pray for our family that we can get this mess out of the house!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long exhausting weekends...

They are like neverending.

We had another busy one. Friday Party Lite party...Saturday Hobo Fest and Young adults fellowship....and Sunday church.

The boys have both been battling a sickness for about a week!! Errr... Jayce is bad today though!! He is hurting from his head he says to his belly. He is sleeping on the couch tonight because we dont want him ruining the carpet in his room. Anyways tonight my bro stayed home with them so Josh and I could go to church. When we got home Jayce still had a temp. We were giving him some meds and he said Mommy make me feel better. It breaks my heart when I cant do anything. But even being as weak as he is he still said The bad guy came into my body. Then he continued to say "Call Power Rangers and have them come help me"! =) That right there just made me laugh so hard. I love my lil guys!

I'm sad though because Josh is off tomorrow and we were going to have a fun day with them and take them to ChuckEChesse. But don't look like that will be on our agenda no more.

I have a pampered chef show on Thursday. I am super excited about it!

This weekend I am busy too!! HAHA I have a party lite show to go to on Friday then on Saturday morning. Then Saturday afternoon Josh and I are leaving and heading to AL for his 10 year reunion! This should be interesting!

Well I am off to bed. Starting my second week of 445am gym time! ;)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ahhhh.....sitting down listening to rain...

Well I should be getting in bed. But boy do I hate going to bed without having my honey to snuggle with!! He started mids today and the boys aren't liking this schedule at all! But I know it will take some getting used to.

Me and my brother are starting to go to the gym at 5am in the morning while all the kids are down!! I am very excited! I lost alot of weight last year and was very happy! Before Josh left I had to be put on meds for my heart palpatations and anxiety. Well a side affect is....was you guessed it WEIGHT GAIN!! ERRR... But in Misawa I had plenty of friends to walk with and I mean MILES!! (thanks Arleney poo) and to others. But I know she reads this. I need to friend encouragement but I think it will be even better with my bro! He has gained alot of weight to considering about 3 years ago he was all muscle and no fat. So pray that this will work out for me. We are also going to turbo jam in the afternoon.

I have a busy weekend this weekend. I am having a Party Lite friday night (trying to help a girlfriend out). It will be her first show. So I am excited! And then I am doing a festival on Saturday and hopefully I will get alot of shows booked!

Well its 10:21pm and I better get sleep to WORK my butt off at the gym! LOL

Sunday, September 28, 2008


You know I know God has everything in his hands with Genesis. But I keep worrying about her future where she will be here or there. And it just scares me!!

My brother says things but then I wonder what he will actually go through with and I am just torn!!

I love that little girl with all my heart and Wednesday will be one month that she has been with me and my family!

Just pray please that is all ask.

Monday will finally end my crazy month with Pampered Chef. I had a total of 7 shows this month!! May not sound like alot of work but 5 of them were within the same 7 days!! And with having a newborn at home two kids and taking care of the hubby being sick its been a little crazy.

I hope everyone has an awesome week this week!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I know I know

I need to get this blog moving more than just once a week!

But let me tell you I have been so so busy! I have had 8 Pampered Shows this week!! So that alone has been crazy!! But this month was 60% off the cookware so you can see why I was so busy!! It's not to late if you want could do a catalog show!! HINT HINT ;)

Everything around here is fine though.

We went home this weekend to Alabama because I had a Pampered Chef show Friday night there and then we also had to go to my brothers wedding!! Which was so much fun!! I love my new sis n law and couldnt be happier! My mom, her sis and myself gave Michelle a surprise baby shower on Sunday and it was very enjoyable.

The boys and Genesis are all doing well. This week is my first week of having all three of them alone during the day since the Lord blessed my brother with a job. ;)

Well I have so much to get done with Pampered Chef tonight so I am going to end this one here. I have a show Friday, Saturday and next Monday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taking a minute

To tell all the ones who serve or who has served in the military thank you for all your sacrifices. My hubby is one of those that I truly respect and I am so glad he is a HERO to my family!

After a headache of battling with the base about tickets today that I reserved, we still got to take the boys to see Sesame Street Live. Thanks so much to the Rollysons! It was cute and they got a few free items that was super nice.

I am super excited about going to Biloxi this weekend. My brother is paying for me to get a massage with Michelle and after the past few weeks I have had I think I am very deserving of it! I love my brothers!

Genesis is doing good! She had her check up for 1 week and only lost 5 ounces so the doctors were very pleased. Jadon is retracting on potty training! I think its because of the baby being here but we are working on it hard! Jayce is still loving school like crazy!! And boy is he learning alot!! He had homework for the first time last night! He was so excited about it.

Well I am going to close. I am sure I will be on here to blog after my little trip this weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Introducing.... Genesis Joy

She's here!! She made her entrance into the world September 3, 2008 @ 5:30pm. She is so pretty and such a little angel. She has my heart already!! I am super tired today because of being at the hospital in Pensacola all day yesterday. I am going to leave you with a few pics and will blog about the day more tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm so excited.... I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT.....

Tomorrow morning is the big day. My brother just called to let me know they will be inducing at 5am. I have the boys all lined up for sitters. I love watching little miracles be born into the world that God has created! Isn't he good!

We are just praying that the Lord's will be done in the whole situation! Some know the situation and I will leave it at that!

We had a good weekend though. We had our pastor's 22nd Anniversary luncheon Sunday. It was nice fellowship. Thank you so much Jillian for allowing us to spend the afternoon with you. It was so nice. Driving back to Crestview would have been crazy and the boys needed a nap so it was nice!

This blog has kind of turned into crazy amounts of stuff. But hey isn't that what blogging about updating!!!

So I made this good homemade pizza yesterday! It was a BBQ and onion one! Josh and the boys absolutely LOVED it. YUM YUMMY!!

My pampered chef is going very well. I have a total of 7 shows this month so I will be super busy!!! It will be nice to have the extra income though!

I promise I will get better at blogging more than just once a week.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I guess.... Its Official!

So it is long overdue. I started to create the page last week and Jillian gave me a little shove to get it done. So here I am.

Man don't you guys here in Florida think we've gotten enough rain! I could be done with it for a while. Although I must say my water bill will be nice. We laid sod a few weeks back and it has loved it!

Josh's mom is suppose to be coming in tomorrow to spend a few days. I am excited about it and all but Josh will finally be coming home from Biloxi Wednesday for good and we will still have no alone time. But I can't be selfish, I guess, I'll just have to share.

For some that don't know we are planning on adopting. We really want a little girl to complete our family. As it stands my brothers wife (Katie's dad) is pregnant and due September 9th. They are having more problems then ever and I just don't see anything good coming out of it. My prayer is for this unborn child to be given a fair chance in the world and be raised in a good home. Which I know my boys would love to have a little sister! (more will come on this matter).

Jayce started school and this is his second week. He loves it! He's so funny too! A little girl cries everyday so when I pick my lil stinker up he fakes and says I just missed my mom and dad!! And never has my kid been this way but truly he was just making fun!

We also bought the boys some hamsters. One is Rolo and the other is Whopper. So we have completed our chocolate trend! HAHA We have Eclair and Reese Cup too for those of you who didn't know. But back to the hamsters. Rolo is very sick. I noticed about 2 weeks ago he had what they call wet tail disease. It is caused by stress and moving around and stuff. Well they wouldnt just let me buy meds for him and I am not taking him into the wet to pay 50.00 just for the consultant!! But he is still kicking and I hope for Jayce's sake he gets better.

Well Jillian I hope you are pleased with my first blog and there will be many more to follow.

God Bless!!